Many businesses these days are doing their own "In-house" newsletters, catalogues, brochures etc etc. As we have a complete Digital Photographic Studio setup we are quite happy to simply shoot your products and supply them to you in either a PC or Macintosh format on CD-ROM. We can supply them in a raw format or we will colour correct, colour separate and/or deep etch so they are ready for you to use straight off the disk. No more worries about your photographs printing incorrectly, or worse still - not at all!
Supply us with your products at Seven Hills. We will shoot them in our studio with some layout direction from you.

Check the images on screen to make sure they are what you after in terms of position and angle.

We then colour correct, colour separate and if necessary deep etch each photo.

After determining what format you want them in we will burn them to Disk or email/FTP them.

You would need to check with your printer, service bureau or in-house computer operator to decide what file format you require the photos to be supplied in.

•Mac or PC format
•Tiff - Used for colour printing
•EPS - Also used for colour printing
•JPEG - Ideal for web/internet use
•Gif - Also ideal for web/internet use

•Colour Separated - For full colour printing
•Deep Etched - All background removed
•Line Screen - If printing - what resolution

All of these may seem a little confusing. We can speak to whoever is using the files and make sure they get what they need.

Phone: 02 9838 7579

Mobile: 0418 211 961

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